Have You Decided To Plan Your Own Funeral?

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Have you recently been to the funerals of several of your friends or family members? Perhaps you are approaching what many would call the golden years, or maybe you have already arrived at that time in your life. Whatever the scenario, if you have decided to plan your own funeral, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Funeral Home - A good place to start the planning of your own funeral is to actually visit the funeral home you would like to use for your own burial. Consider making an appointment to meet with the director of the funeral home, just to make sure that he or she will be available to spend time with you. One you have made an appointment, think of writing down questions you might have so that you won't forget to ask them during your meeting. Another idea is to simply pose the question, What do I need to be asking you? to the person with whom you have your meeting. He or she will have the training and the experience to fill you in on every single detail. For example, you might be concerned that a casket will be too expensive. If that is the case, ask the funeral home personnel to show you moderately priced caskets. You an probably even pick out the flowers that will go on top of the casket.

Be sure to keep all paperwork, including invoices, in a safe place and to show a member of your family or a trusted friend where the papers are so that there won't be confusion at the time of your passing.

The Funeral Service - Even before you go to the funeral home, you might already have a pretty clear picture of what you want to happen at your funeral service. For example, you might have favorite hymns that you want sung by the congregation. Perhaps you want an instrumental number as part of the service. Be sure to write those desires down and keep them with the paperwork that you received from the funeral home. What about speakers? Will your own children want to take the opportunity to share tender and maybe even funny stories with those in attendance at your funeral service? You may have thought of a close friend who sill give the eulogy. What about scriptures? Do you have favorite ones that you want to be a part of the funeral service? Think of every detail and be sure to write it down.

For more help, contact a home, like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc.

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